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A Better Way To Onboard Remote Workers with Nicole Beals,  David Brock, and Michael Falato of Techmate

Today’s episode is, number one – extremely relevant and supportive of what we are going through industry and worldwide.  And number two – a lot of fun!  We have the team from Techmate with us today to discuss a better way to onboard remote workers.


What is Techmate?

Techmate, in essence, was developed to support the distributed workforce while leveraging the gig economy.  It is (in one phrase) on-demand tech support for remote and satellite employees.  They step outside of the traditional onboarding process to help create a more dynamic and supportive, personalized onboarding experience for employees.

As you probably agree, the value in a tool like Techmate is off-the-charts high at this time.  And with so many developments in the remote workforce, the need for intuitive onboarding will only continue to grow.

Our Guests

We have three guests today, all experts in what they do personally, as well as the process of onboarding remote workers as a whole.  Very nifty folks to chat with who taught me a lot during this episode.

Nicole Beals is the CoFounder and COO of Techmate.  Nicole notes that she grew up in the Midwest US but moved to New York to pursue the tech startup scene.  Ironically, and importantly, she finds herself back in the Midwest during COVID, working from home.  What Nicole brings today is most fluently about communication and upholding interpersonal relationships while working in a remote setting.  

David Brock is the CEO of Techmate and has been working in IT Recruitment and Consulting for well over 20 years, and Michael Falato is SVP of Sales and Partnerships at Techmate with 24 years in recruiting solutions technology business development.  Together, they are a powerhouse in defining the supportive onboarding process and what that entails from both technical and interpersonal standpoints.  


Better Onboarding is Important

That statement is in caps and title for no other reason than to restate how essential a better and adaptive remote onboarding process is.  We have to evolve – it’s happening as we speak, and the only thing we know for sure is that this evolution will only continue.


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